Take Action

Contact Your Congressperson

Send an email or call your representative and urge them to support net neutrality

Sign the Petition

There is a petition to keep net neutrality.

Be Active on Social Media

Our rally point and main hub is over at /r/KeepOurNetFree

Help us trend on twitter. Help us get the word out with the hashtags #KeepOurNetFree and #NetNeutrality.


We do not take donations, but if you feel so inclined you may donate your money to one of the following organizations fighting for Internet freedoms.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

American Civil Liberties Union

Center for Democracy

Fight for the Future

The Onion Router

How else can I help?

Do you have marketing or web development skills? Message the mods on Reddit or join our IRC and Discord. Spread the word! Don't just keep this to Reddit or Imgur - spread it far and wide. Share this on social media. Tell your friends, family, coworkers. We can always fight for net neutrality.